Dappled Light

21st March 2024

Looking at these vibrant paintings calms me in a way that surprises me. Acid yellow and olive greens are hardly tranquil and … [Read more]

Kristen Garneau landscapes

Kristen Garneau’s Landscapes

9th February 2024

The Shed Project

The Shed Project

24th January 2024

Clever artworks made from fruit

Yuni Yoshida’s Clever Fruit

27th November 2023

Snow paintings by Matthew Gagnon

The Blue Light of Snow

17th November 2023

Aboriginal art by Hannah Lange

The Patterns of Landscape

30th October 2023

Art Installation that resembles a ruin

Creating a Ruin

24th October 2022

The Mona Lisa and Girl with a Pearl Earring remade in found plastic objects

Plastic Fantastic

21st July 2022

Hip-hop classic albums reimagined as stamps
Naomi Okubi Artworks

Naomi Okubo

21st April 2022

Leah Giberson paintings

Leah Giberson Artworks

27th October 2021

1050s clothing designs discovered

Flowers Frozen in Ice

23rd September 2021

Fashion pieces set within colourful artworks

Art and Fashion

23rd June 2021

Paintings of the everyday at the dry cleaners

Beauty in the Mundane

22nd January 2021

Pickle Design Poster Calendar 2021

New Year, New Poster!

3rd January 2021

William Morris Drawings

William Morris’ Drawings

11th November 2020

Paintings of Jan van Beers

Jan van Beers

28th October 2020

Abel Rodríguez captures the Amazon in his intricate pattern like paintings

Abel Rodríguez

7th October 2020

Cool science up close

Macro Mould

9th September 2020

Street art that cleans air like trees do

Art That Cleans The Air

24th August 2020

Famous artworks recreated at home during lockdown
Ceramic artist palettes

Ceramic Artist Palettes

20th May 2020

Botanical drawings from a great collection including fruit, flowers and birds
Spanish home of artist Tomás Colaço

An Eclectic Artist’s Home

10th December 2019

Canadian artist Conyers Barker

Conyers Barker

29th October 2019

Sculpture bridge doubles as a museum twisting across the waters in Norway

The Twist

2nd October 2019

Trees painted by Judith Bergerson

Judith Bergerson

17th September 2019

Optical illusion 3d graffiti art

Mind-Bending Graffiti

9th July 2019

London based illustrator Joey You and her vibrant urban scenes
Interiors, plants and ceramics with dark green and bright pink
Picasso's line drawings of 'War and Peace' and the 'Owl'

Picasso’s Drawings

19th February 2019

Painting of a cardboard box holding family memories

Paintings of Family History

5th February 2019

Josie Lewis artist's petri dishes

Petrified Art

22nd January 2019

Map of America through song titles

A Musical Map of America

20th November 2018

Two art prints by Jorey Hurley of the swimming pool

Graphic Art by Jorey Hurley

23rd October 2018

Irene de Klerk Wolters abstract art

Irene de Klerk Wolters

11th September 2018

Architectural paintings of Mid Century buildings by Mark Dyball
Hand typography of the Spotify logo
Still life sculptures inspired by the Dutch masters made from spoons

Bouquets of Spoons

8th May 2018

Decorate my sett interior inspiration

Introducing Decorate My Sett

13th February 2018

Elegant concrete canvas table by Neal Aronowitz

Unusually Elegant Concrete

30th January 2018

Brooke Holm landscape photographer
Julie Hickson Australian stencil artist

Australian Botanical

5th December 2017

Moody blue etching by British print maker Jamie Barnes

Jamie Barnes Printmaker

10th October 2017

Birger Kaipainen Finnish ceramics

Birger Johannes Kaipiainen

26th September 2017

Mathematically perfect cakes

Edible Maths

12th September 2017

Watercolour of venice in pastel tones by artist Turner

Enjoying Turner

1st August 2017

New Blue creation from a science experiment

New Blue

5th June 2017

Paint in water photographed

Under Water Art

9th May 2017

Hand made globes

Making the World

28th February 2017

Scent visualised in resin for for British perfumers

What Does Scent Look Like?

2nd February 2017

Rainbow labyrinth art installation in China

Rainbow Labyrinth

17th January 2017

Blue Alchemy by Siba Sahabi

Egyptian Blue

4th October 2016

iridescent oil artworks

Iridescent Oil

14th September 2016

Cornwall Vintage travel poster

Vintage Travel Posters

16th August 2016

Borges by Richard Serra, 2009
Sunflower sketch and painting by Van Gogh
What is inspiring us in the studio this week

Weekly Musings From Emma

22nd April 2016

Typewriter sculpture in black and white porcelain by Katharine Morling

Making the Trivial Art

7th April 2016

Pencil Illustration
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