Introducing Decorate My Sett

13th February 2018

When I am not busily designing at Pickle, or writing a blog post for here I update a few other blogs we run. Today I thought I would introduce you to Decorate my Sett. Interiors and architecture are an endless source of inspiration for me – the colour, form and style – old or new. Here are a few stories I have shared over the years…

Most recently it was a particular shade of green that caught my eye. From Van Gogh’s canvas to Art Deco panels and painted kitchens.

Vincent Van Gogh green, four poster bed in arsenic painted room and Art Deco wallpapered door

Sometimes its a texture, the way the light catches a building’s facade or a pleated garment.

Ribbed architecture and pleated fashion

It can start with just one image, and then I pursue that feeling I want to capture. Nearly Not There was a colour scheme, hard to define, easier to show.

soft and subtle colour scheme for interiors
soft pale coloured interiors for inspiration
Nearly not there colours

Always relating to interiors and architecture. For this blog post I sought out rooms seen through an artist’s eye. Art Deco impresses with Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann’s designs. A beautifully bathed in light sitting room is lovingly recreated by Marie-Louise Roosevelt Pierrepont. Or a room abstracted by Caro Niederer, citrus colours form blocks and full pink roses take the foreground.

Green and black painted room by Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann
Painted room by Marie-Louise Roosevelt Pierrepont
Caro Niederer paints an abstract room

If you are interested in the decorated world both inside and out, take a peak at Sett Design. (title image from Colour in the Kitchen.

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