Conyers Barker

29th October 2019

I love discovering new art, new to me at least. A friend mentioned this artist the other day and I went about exploring this Canadian’s work for myself.

Stylised and minimal landscape by Canadian artist Conyers Barker

Born in Toronto in 1909, Ernest Conyers Barker died in 2003 leaving a loyal fan base. There is a lovely peace in his landscapes and a real understanding of light, shade and colour. He was inspired by a variety of movements including the Group of Seven, surrealism and modernist abstraction.

Canadian artist Conyers Barker

Primarily a representational artist, Conyers captured his beloved Canada in watercolour, oil and acrylics. Inflicted by polio at a young age which perhaps lead to his focussed and driven personality, painting with great skill even into his 90s.

Canadian artist Conyers Barker

You can read more about the man and see some of his artworks at Freeman Art.

First image, ‘Jarvacres – Jarvis Estate, King City‘ 1938/39. Second ‘Looking West on Bathurst or Dufferin St West of Richmond Hill‘ 1949. Third image ‘The Grist Mill, Cheltenham, Ontario‘ 1933. Last image ‘Green Lake, Green Lake Farm, Caledon‘ 1942.

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