The Patterns of Landscape

30th October 2023

Lockdown provided an opportunity for many of us to reevaluate and discover new skills and creative outlets. For Hannah Lange, her Aboriginal heritage is what she chose to explore through her art. From the Wiradjuri people, growing up surrounded by the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Hannah has always felt a connection to her environment. With her business closing and a house move to a different area, she turned to art to help root her once again.

Aboriginal art by Hannah Lange

As a graphic designer I appreciate the textures and patterns, lines and marks that Hannah makes, there is definitely a graphic element to how she sees the landscape.

Aboriginal art by Hannah Lange

Beautiful earthy tones are achieved with acrylic paints and ochre, the rich colours evoking a real sense of warmth and drama.

Aboriginal art by Hannah Lange

Originally found at The Design Files.

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