William Morris’ Drawings

11th November 2020

William Morris is an artist I am so familiar with, his intricate botanical patterns have been part of my life. The wallpaper in my primary school staff toilet (from some reason I used this once and remembered the wallpaper! I must have been about 6) The cafe that made great cakes where I went to university in Falmouth was lined with his intricate designs, and various keepsakes and presents I have been given over the years, including beautifully wrapped guest soaps!

When you know an artist so well it can be easy to miss the detail, the process the shear brilliance. By hand Morris crafted the intricate arrangements inspired by, but so much more, than the natural fruit and flowers he adored. The Art Nouveau movement celebrated the beauty of nature, some of the designs appear fluid and free but as you can with Morris, accuracy and precision underpins it all.

His drawings provide a glimpse into the artist’s process and further commend his great talent.

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