New Blue

5th June 2017

I hadn’t given much thought in the past to the science of colour, but it turns out we haven’t had a new blue in over 200 years – until now. Like many great inventions, this new shade was found by accident. Chemist Mas Subramanian, a professor at Oregon State University, inadvertently made YlnMn blue.

The scientist who discovered the new blue

This was back in 2009, but now Crayola wants to give this new colour purpose and has turned it into a one of their crayons. The name, YlnMn is a little clunky so Crayola are putting to a vote what the new name should be. I actually like the professors name, Subramanian, sounds blue-like to me!

The new blue in the pigment range

So why this blue? Well, this new shade is what is known as a ‘durable’ colour. It wont fade or be effected by heat or time. The combination the chemist used was heated manganese oxide, yttrium and indium. The result was a reaction dazzled!

Pile of new blue pigment New blue crayon from Crayola

At the end of this year you should be able to find this new creation on the shelves. I wonder what the name will be…

Found at My Modern Met.

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