Naomi Okubo

21st April 2022

Such stunning artworks by this Japanese artist, so much deeper than just the wonderfully intricate and colourful surface patterns we can see. Colour and pattern are totally my things, so from a purely aesthetic point of view I adore her works. But Naomi Okubo’s work for her is an exploration of how it felt being bullied at school. Sticking out too much, being told to blend in. She often paints herself into this artworks, colourfully dressed to stand out, but she also creates outlandish backdrops so as to merge into the background, like a camouflage. Her work is about that conflict in fashion and identity – wanting to stand out but needing to fit in.

Visually her skill is evident, intricate, life-like and beautiful to behold.

Originally found at the Jealous Curator.

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