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23rd June 2021

One of the blogs I like to visit, Australia’s Miss Moss aka Diana, created these beautiful compositions. The fashion designer is Rosie Assoulin, she creates striking silhouettes in romantic colours with an edge. Miss Moss though has cleverly paired the collection with vibrant and alluring artworks providing a backdrop that complements the pieces perfectly. In fact, creating wonderful art all over again.

Fashion pieces set inside artworks

The happy collaboration was a few years back now, 2017, but I thought worth sharing on this sunny June day. Enjoy.

The fashion of Rosie Assoulin paired with colourful paintings by Miss Moss

See original post. Main image artworks are: Fremont Ellis ‘Aspens’, August Biehle ‘Scene with Pond in Berlin Heights’, Philip Little ‘Across the Meadow’ and Harold Weston ‘Desert Shower’.

Middle image: Rosie Assoulin’s collection paired with clockwise: John William Godward ‘Youth and Time’, Stefan Hirsch ‘New England’, Milton Avery ‘Church by the Sea’, Achsah Barlow Brewster ‘The Gulf of Salerno’.

Last image: Kisory Roy ‘Untitled (Darjeeling by Night), John Piper ‘Cottage Across the Lake’, Vera Pagava ‘L’Eglise’, Clarence A. Gagnon ‘La Riviere Vefsna Helgeland’.

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