Joey Yu Captures Life in Full Colour

30th April 2019

I’m loving the work of London-based illustrator, animator and artist Joey Yu. There is a real sense of movement in her artworks, she handles perspective brilliantly and boldly expresses her scenes in wonderfully saturated colour schemes.

Blue suburb scene by artist Joey Yu

Saturated colours of Joey You illustrations

Sketch book page by Joey Yu

Tropical house depicted by illustrator Joey You

You get the impression most of Yu’s drawings are off the cuff as it were, people watching or chilling with friends. I especially love how angular her work is, building the scene with minimal use of line and managing to fill her page with such dynamism.

Sketch book page from Joey Yu

Poster in purple and pink by Joey Yu

Deep red and navy illustration by Joey Yu

Illustration by Joey Yu

Originally found at The Fox is Black.

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