Dappled Light

21st March 2024

Looking at these vibrant paintings calms me in a way that surprises me. Acid yellow and olive greens are hardly tranquil and gentle, but these abstracted shapes convey so perfectly that feeling of walking underneath an umbrella of branches, basking in dappled light, enjoying its dance over the surfaces beneath.

Dappled light paintings by Baek Duri
Dappled light paintings by Baek Duri

South Korean artist Baek Duri creates these wonderful canvases inspired by “the moment when two elements of opposing properties collide”. Her ‘garden of light’ is a joy to behold. With just two colours she builds structure and perspective and a narrative of contemplation that’s a pleasure to gaze upon.

Dappled light paintings by Baek Duri

Originally found at Artsy and It’s Nice That.

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