Creating a Ruin

24th October 2022

I love this project, mainly because it reminds me of my dad. Whenever I see gabion walls I think of him, he would point them out and say how he adopted them early on with his projects. He was a civil engineer and it’s not even been a year since he died, but I’m finding it is the little things he would point out to me that I cherish. So every viaduct, detailed manhole cover and embankment takes on a new beauty for me nowadays!

This installation by Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi known as Simbiosi reminds me of those simple cages packed full of rocks. Tresoldi normally keeps his structures free of objects, enjoying the translucent nature, but here, at Italian sculpture park Arte Sella, he has used local rocks to create a kind of ruin.

Art Installation that resembles a ruin

It’s a beautiful idea, the metal cage hints of what was (or might have been). An echo or shadows of classical shapes. The empty walls allows you to gaze through to nature’s towers.

Art Installation that resembles a ruin

Tresoldi says of his work, that it is a “character within the landscape, embodying the idea of dying architecture in the collective imagination”.

I love that the use of something so simple, metal and stone, can look so grand and so fragile all at once. Originally found at Yellow Trace.

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