This is the 2016 Brochure we designed for Wavehunters highlighting their sea safaris, boat trips, water taxi, boat charter, surf school, paddle boarding and their brand new Padstow shop.

Wavehunters 2016 brochure with wrap for John Bray

We designed a wrap so that the brochures could be placed in the John Bray holiday accommodation and match both brands.

Back of Wavehunters brochure with John Bray wrap

The wrap fits neatly over the brochure, revealing a little of what lies beneath.

Wavehunters Brochure Spread

Wavehunters 2016 brochure with hand drawn map

With 4 locations we hand illustrated a map to show what goes on where. We also drew some of the coastal sites people can expect to see on their boat trips.

Wavehunters Spreads

The format we went for used the square space to full advantage. The chunky font stands out well with the monochrome colours and the vibrant photography helps tell the story.

Cover of the brochure we designed for Wavehunters Surf School

In 2015 we designed a premium 12 page brochure for Wavehunters to further advertise their services, printed on uncoated stock.

A spread from the Wavehunters Surf School brochure design

Each page has bright coloured images and minimal text on recycled stock. The brochure also features the new Marine services the company offers.

Back cover of the Wavehunters Surf School brochure

Finished off with a team photo! The brochure is square and a handy size for hotels and business to put out for potential customers.

Gift voucher book design for Wavehunters Surf School

We designed a voucher book for Wavehunters for both Surf and Marine sides of their business. It adds value to gift vouchers purchased.

Voucher book design for Wavehunters Surf School

The vouchers are perforated so can be torn from the book and have an area for writing information on.

Kids activity and colouring sheet for Wavehunters

Slightly out of the box – we were asked to design a colouring and activity sheet for kids. We had a great time illustrating things the children might spot by the sea, creating a word search and drawing sea scenes to colour in. These sheets were A4 and came in a pad so could be torn off when needed.

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