Working in partnership with our client, The Cornish Surfer, we helped realise her vision for a Cornish lifestyle brand. Coming in at the beginning we able to come up with ideas for patterns, prints and layouts, all based on the distinctive Cornish Surfer logo.

The Cornish Surfer pattern design

The Cornish Surfer cushion

We then helped by visualising these for our client and getting the artwork ready for her samples and finally her beautiful finished product.

The Cornish Surfer tea cup

The Cornish Surfer blanket design

This truly Cornish lifestyle brand is growing fast, branching out into homewares and fashion. We have been helping our client build her brand.

The Cornish Surfer crockery

As part of the project we illustrated a little surfer to add detail to the stripe motif. Considering the different applications of the patterns was key.

The Cornish Surfer coffee cup design

The Cornish Surfer baby blankets

Photos courtesy of The Cornish Surfer.

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