We worked with Trevisker to design these jute bags to display their branding and their location of Padstow. Using the vibrant colours of their logo, hot pink and fresh green, we tweaked the logo alignment to work with the bag format. The reusable bags perfectly fit with this boutiques green ethics.

Trevisker Garden Centre Lanyard design

Rather than wearing name tags, our clients asked us to brand up some lanyards that the team could have around their necks. Working within the perimeters of the product, we used a silky green ribbon with ‘Trevisker’ in white lettering alternating with their signature pink grass illustration.

The stickers Pickle Design created for Trevisker Garden Centre used as party favours

This picture shows the little circle stickers we created for Trevisker garden centre. In the eye-catching brand colours of pink and green, these stickers highlight Trevisker’s coastal plant expertise and are here placed on brown card labels as gifts at an event.

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