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19th March 2019

We have had a pretty busy start to this year in the studio! Lots of lovely work to show you, this is what we have created recently for long standing clients Wadebridge Wines.

You might remember a couple of years back we created a complementary brand for their gin festival. This was a lovely project for Emma as she is always happy drawing botanical illustrations.

Wade bridge Wines Gin Festival postcards

This year Wadebridge Wines are instead hosting a Beer and Cider Festival on June the 22nd and a Rum and Tequila Festival on July the 20th. Sticking with our two colour theme which we established with the main brand, we merged typography with illustration to create these bright new designs.

Poster design for the Wadebridge Wines Beer and Cider festival

For the Beer Festival we filled a craft beer glass with a combination of hand rendered text, carefully chosen fonts and drawings with a starburst surround.

The Rum and Tequilla festival is filled with ocean imagery and Mexican fun! We applied our new designs to A6 mailers, A4 posters and simple 1 page websites.

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