Sometimes our clients come to us with a clear vision for a brand. That was the case for RCA Health Care. They wanted to bring together elements of terrain, searching and a map. Black and green were the preferred colours and we helped them visualise a concept that they had in their heads. The result is a bold logo that highlights these hard working professionals and their investigative skills.

RCA Health Care Letterhead and Document design

We helped expand the brand by showing how a document could be laid out. Using the line pattern and the bold bright green helps the design by eye-catching and memorable.

InPractice A6 flyer design

InPractice A6 flyer design

For 2019 we created these little A6 flyers for our clients to hand out at presentations. Printing on uncoated card meant the colours really sink in and have a lovely texture. The design was simple and geometric using pastel shades of blue and yellow.