This is the stationery we produced for lifestyle brand Jo & Co. With their logo in place, the company needed the branding to be applied to postcards, letterheads and envelopes.

Jo & Co postcard design

The postcard was also designed to be a compliment slip too and we used the contact details to frame the white space.

Jo & Co giftcard

The gift card has the dark blue Pantone front with the white logo fresh. On the back we introduced a subtle pink and a hand written script.

Jo & Co gift card with envelope

We also sourced envelopes for the gift cards in a complementary blue.

Jo & Co letterhead

Jo & Co letterhead close up

For invoices and official letters we designed a single sided letterhead. Using the same Pantone as the rest of the print, the bordered text appears outside the frame in this simple restrained design.

Jo & Co Bespoke envelope

It was important to the client and to us that the process of receiving something bought online equalled that of visiting their shop. Therefore we designed bespoke envelopes in the rich dark blue minimally printed with their circle logo. The saturated paper feels luxurious as you lift the fold.

Jo & Co Bespoke envelope

Jo & Co Bespoke envelope

The inside is simply printed with ‘Thank you’.

Jo & Co Bespoke envelope

The reverse is printed with the contact details in crisp white. We worked with the printers to create a design that was economic and stylish.

Jo&Co Home A6 mailers with a Spring theme

Jo&Co Home A6 mailers with a minimal design

In 2019 we refreshed the branding for the Jo & Co cards using more pastel pink shades. Same lovely uncoated stock and just as handy to use in the furniture store and shop!

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