You Won’t Believe the Inside of this Cabin

28th June 2023

Ramshackle and easily overlooked, the architects deliberately chose to leave this Swiss cabin’s exterior underwhelming if still very charming. Inside though is quite a different story! I am amazed at what Rapin Saiz Architects manage to fit in, and in such an elegant way.

Elegant living area in a architect designed tiny log cabin
Ramshackle cabin is a Tardis inside

This modern interior is clad with oak, smooth, warm and light. Clever windows frame the surrounding hills providing calming glimpses beyond lessoning the feel of confinement. It is quite a feat to me this tiny log cabin can contain a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bootroom and 3 beds (albeit 2 very small).

Cute bedrooms in a Swiss cabin
Bathroom in a tiny Swiss cabin

Totally a place I would feel comfortable in, cosied up with a hot chocolate, a favourite book, warming my chunky socks by the fire.

Originally found at Ignant.

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