What is it with Chairs?

27th April 2023

We have an obsession with sitting in the design world, we certainly do at Pickle, check out our 2014 calendar of design classics. There is just something about a chair that is immensely satisfying. Practical, purposeful, shocking or stunning, comfy and everyday as well as museum-worthy.

These three designs have captured my attention today.

1970s modular comfort

This 1970s throw-back is beautiful in its simplicity. The Easy Lounge Chair and Modular Sofa by Ahti Taskinen opens into a bed and can be grouped to create a flexible sofa arrangement. Now back in production, I love the choice of colours and fabrics, the velvety cord looks so comfy!

Sinkable leather modular sofa

Sticking with the 1970s, and with the modular style, another sinkable classic. Italian leather and timeless style, the Le Mura by Mario Bellini comes complete with love handles.

Glass and marble chair defies logic

Now for something completely different, I don’t even know if I would trust sitting on this piece! But what elegant design. Slithers of marble float mid air, held by sheets of glass. Bringing us right up to date, French designer Frédéric Saulou explores what he calls a ‘technical enigma’ with his new collection Delta.

These beauties were found at Sight Unseen.

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