Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018

16th July 2018

I don’t think I was aware there was an underwater photography competition in the UK, though it makes perfect sense. We have quite a history where this is concerned, in Brighton in 1965 there was the first underwater film festival. However this competition, UPY, in its current form began in 2014.

Underwater  Photographer of the Year awards this taken by K.Zhang in a rock pool UPY 2018 Portrait - Winner 'A sand tiger shark surrounded by tiny bait fish' - Tanya Houppermans

After being enamoured, along with most the nation, with the Blue Planet TV program I have a new appreciation for what lurks beneath. A whole world with characters ready to explore. The beauty of discovering this under water kingdom through a picture, for me, is that captured moment. Never to be caught again, and some of these are definitely right place right time!

UPY 2018 Black & White - Commended 'Hypnosis' - Wendy Timmermans UPY 2018 Wide Angle - Commended 'Blacktip Rendezvous' - Renee Capozzola

The photographers come from all over the world, this year had more than 5000 photos submitted to 10 categories. Though there are some categories specific to the UK and our island shores.

UPY 2018 British Waters Compact - Commended 'Peek-a-boo!' - Martin Edser

Originally spotted at Ultralinx. See more at Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018.

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