Tropical Breeze

19th July 2016

It is hot hot hot here in the studio today. Fan on, windows open and doors wide. So we thought we’d bring you something a little tropical. There is a definite trend for exotic prints at the moment, that 1950s favourite can be found on anything from wallpaper to cake. Sun is so fleeting in England – you have to celebrate the summer while you can! Enjoy.

1 – A hand-blocked 1950s dress featured in magazine Women’s Home Companion.  2 – Toucan illustration by Charlotte Trounce for Wrap Magazine.  3 – Cassie Byrnes luxurious palm illustration.  4 – The iconic wallpaper has appeared on everything from a Maria Carey album cover to Friends the TV show, and here – on a cake!  5 – Illustration from surface artist Shelley Steer.  6 – Tropical Tendencies art print by Little Clyde.  7 – Palm tree fabric with a real laid-back lived-in vibe.  8 – Cassie Byrnes is Melbourne-based designer, love the movement in her prints.  9 – Beautiful graphic design from Emily Gillis for Maini & Chern sleepware.  10 – Toucan print by Komita Art, the colours really pop!  11 – Illustrator Kate Pugsley paints some very cute leopards!

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