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15th May 2017

We thought you would bring you some of the projects we have been working on recently. Life is always colourful at Pickle Design! One thing I love is the diversity of projects from one day to the next. It’s like you put on a different hat and inhabit a whole new genre for a while.

I have picked out three recent projects so you can see the kind of thing we do in our little wooden studio on the north coast of Cornwall. A brochure for artist and lifestyle brand Caroline Walker, a new website for the up and coming linen and laundry service Pristine, and some advertising for the holiday cottage company Wyke, in Dorset.

Caroline Walker brochure composite picture

Firstly, Caroline Walker’s brochure. Caroline is an artist who loves in our fair county and captures the personality of wild and farmyard animals on canvas. Her vibrant paintings are then added to homewares. Caroline and her husband Nick have built a very successful lifestyle brand both here and in the States. We first started working with them in 2015, creating a small, square brochure for the UK market and a separate concertina for the USA. This year we went larger. With rich, dark photographs we built stories around her paintings. From the hare to the hen. Our role was to create an atmosphere, we chose fonts that were friendly and contemporary, edited photographs, grouped products and laid out the pages so there was a pleasing rhythm as you turned the page.

A great project to work on, the information is now much easier for the shops to understand and the products have more life on the page. Next stop the website!

Pristine Linen Cornwall website

Talking web design, here is Pristine. We have worked with Ayla as her business has evolved. She is a prime example of someone being a bit too successful! With her cleaning business taking off she needed a website online that reflected what she did. Over the course of the design process her cleaning company had grown – now also incorporating linen and laundry, we expanded the website.

Pristine linen and laundry web design

Ayla already had a logo but she needed a brand. We tweaked the design to now work with her new direction and set about choosing colours, fonts and textures to build her look. We also used hand illustration to add that natural touch. Too many cleaning businesses look dry and corporate, Pristine is instead natural, Cornish, with attention to detail and thoughtfulness. We tried to bring all these elements into our web design. We created a simple page using coastal images and clear text showing how she stands out from the crowd. We have designed signs and next a we are turning our attention to a price list and mailer.

Wyke Dorset Cottages advert

Finally, Wyke. Through our work with Cornish holiday cottage company Cornish Horizons, we have also been working with Dorset brand Wyke. This started with the vehicle livery we did for a company car and more recently has meant a magazine-come-brochure and advertising. Sometimes companies over look the importance of advertising, its really key to keep your branding constant everywhere it is seen and a simple advert is no different. With Wyke Dorset Cottages we keep their content fresh working with their marketing department choosing the right images to fit the criteria and bringing that fresh holiday vibe.

So as you can see, varied! I have no idea what this week will hold but I can’t wait to get started! Happy Monday from Emma, Graphic Designer at Pickle Design.

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