The Siena International Photo Awards

15th November 2016

Wow, this award ceremony may only be in its second year but the photographs featured are just breath-taking. Some are very much right place right time, others it is the symmetry, the colour, the composition that makes them sing. Here are a few of my favourites:

The overall winner, an amazing image by Greg Lecoeur from France is entitled ‘Sardine Run’. He caught the underwater world of cat-and-mouse in South Africa. (Above)

Siena International Photography Awards Japan at Warp speed

With sweeping lines that draws your eye, this is the winner of the Architecture prize, Mike Hollman from New Zealand. ‘Warp Speed’ was taken in Tokyo, Japan with a long exposure whist travelling on the Yurikamome line.

Siena International Photography Awards monochrome picture of man feeding birds in the snow

The symmetry of this photograph is perfect, taken by Marcin Ryczek of Poland, ‘Krakow, from the Grunwald Bridge’ won the Monochrome category.

Siena International Photography Awards wale below and fishing boat above the sea line

Another great image of two halves, Audun Rikardsen of Norway captured this scene showing how nature and man work together. ‘Sharing Resources, Tromsø, Norway’ won the Wildlife category. The Killer Wale recognises the sound of the fishing boat and comes to eat the herring that fall from the nets.

Siena International Photography Awards making fishing nets, intense green

The intense green in this image is other-worldy, Danny Yen Sin Wong of Malaysia took this photograph ‘Making Fishing Nets’ in Vietnam and won the Open Colour category.

Siena International Photography Awards exploding volcano

Giuseppe Mario Famiani of Italy took this amazing picture entitled ‘The Power of Nature’. Mt. Etna spews ash, gas and magma into the sky.

There are many more great images, do take a look at the SIPAContest website. Originally found at My Modern Met.

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