The Bicycle That Cleans the Air

23rd May 2017

Smart, very smart, Studio Roosegaarde has designed a bike that actually cleans the air as you peddle. Daan Roosegaarde of the studio has a real bee in his bonnet about smog, and a great philosophy – Daan wants to make people part of the solution, instead of the problem.

Starting in Beijing, a city once synonymous with the humble bicycle, he has designed a bike that actually purifies the air blowing out clean air for your benefit and for the atmosphere. Daan doesn’t just build world changing bikes, but towers too. The studio has created smog free monuments that actually clean the polluted air. Brilliant.

A tower that purifies the air

Roosegaarde’s technology uses positive ionisation to remove large fractions of particulate matter from the air in its immediate surrounding – basically it works like a vacuum cleaner!

Read more at Design Boom.

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