South Africa from Above

11th April 2017

I love arial photographs, they encourage me to pause, stop, think, and see the world in a different way. I know the beauty of South Africa, I haven’t yet made it there myself but a dear friend of mine married a South African and having seen the photographs of their honeymoon I would love to, (granted, he is a artist, Rudi Harris so has an eye) but the landscape looks amazing.

South Africa from above earthy colours and a cow
South Africa from above photograph of livestock running on the beach
South Africa from above with aqua marine sea
South Africa from the air in pastel shades

This though is the work of photographer Zack Seckler and I just love his carefully framed pictures taken with care from above. The colours are transforming, he manages to compose and capture perfect views of the world below. Just beautiful.

South Africa from above the amazing landscape
South Africa from above, flying birds and their shadows
South Africa from above waves in sand
South Africa from above, turtle in the sea

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