Sabine Marcelis

28th February 2024

Today I have been submerging myself into the work of Sabine Marcelis. Dutch born but raised in New Zealand, Sabine brings her strong aesthetic style to product design. Her work illuminates and reflects, it highlights the material and provides a true sensory experience.

Products by designer Sabine Macelis

My initial encounter was with her laminated solar panels that create a sundial. Planted at a most majestic site, right in front of Egypt’s pyramids. She now creates from her studio in Rotterdam working on a diverse range of projects, collaborating with the likes of Ikea, Céline, Stella McCartney and Renault.

Sabine Macelis product design

It’s not all shiny, hard surfaces. Marcelis’ Boa Pouf is a seamless donut, which apparently has been helping her lockdown-born child begin to walk. Her rugs are like tactile brush strokes, you just can’t help but caress. It is her lighting though that stands unique, perfectly comfortable in the world of fine art, or illuminating the home.

Originally found at Eclectic Trends.

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