Luxury holiday apartments just outside of Padstow asked us to re-design their logo. With such an idyllic location, quietly tucked away by a creek, we wanted to make that connection. We chose a clean and modern font, picking up on the ‘Q’ we added lines symbolising water and illustrated a curlew, often spotted on the waterfront. Just one colour, the warm blue helps set the tranquil scene.

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Quay House waterside apartments near Padstow website

Here is the mobile friendly website we created based on our branding. The website features our illustration, a home page image animation, availability checker and reply form.

Quay House waterside apartments near Padstow website

Such a lovely location, we let the images speak for themselves. Just a short distance from the popular Padstow, we thought an illustrated map might help. Each of the three properties have a nautical symbol to differentiate them and we illustrated the Instagram logo to match in with the website.

The Quay House sign

Holiday Cottage signage

We designed this sign to complete the branding project. Our clients chose a sheet of printed perspex slightly raised from a chunk of slate. The design is very simple but helps introduce the new logo and gives confidence that people have arrived at the right place. Passers by on the Saints Way footpath can also see the accommodation available.

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