New Zealand House Surrounded By Trees

3rd September 2019

I am always impressed by architecture that responds so well to a chosen site, and what a situation we have here. Created by Aukland based Herbst Architects, this huge box of a building is surrounded by an impressive canopy of pōhutukawa trees.

Modern New Zealand home

The house although lovely and cool did need a little help to bring in the sun, this design helps maximise the light by using plenty of glazing. In places it is almost like the roof is gliding above the structure.

House with views to the sea surrounded by trees in New Zealand

The materials inside reflect the surrounding trees with deep green tiles, dark colours and a mixture of woods. With views across the sea as well, this is a home that doesn’t fail to impress.

Giant boxy home high in the trees with sea views

See more of Kawakawa House at Dezeen.

Modern design bedroom surrounded by trees

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