New Calendar for 2020!

2nd January 2020

Hello and welcome to 2020. As I am sure you are well aware by now we love calendars. Pretty much every year since we started in 2006 we have been designing a calendar for our clients to say thank you. For 2020 we wanted to create an illustrated alphabet of our field, graphic design.

We came up with the idea when thinking about how we could communicate what it is we do. The attraction of an alphabet for designers is working with type. Typography has such scope and combined with illustration, opens up a world of possibilities.

With the concept set next came the words, harder than first thought! Funny how your mind goes blank when you need to think of specific terms. Finally a list was collected and we could start about illustrating – my favourite bit.

For the colour scheme we wanted fresh and warm colours, kind of a zingy take on pastels. The rest of the poster’s typography and design remained very simple in black and white. As in previous years we decided on an A2 poster as this is a great amount of space to work with, soon will have our limited editions printed and ready to send out.

Each month in our newsletter we will be unpacking some of the words behind our alphabet and our visualisations, from the prog band Yes to the graphic designers’ obsession with Helvetica.

You will also be able to download for free our monthly desktop, tablet and mobile backgrounds for your devices, keep checking the blog!

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