Mogensen 22 Collection

5th June 2018

A lovely bit of furniture design for our blog post this month. The stylish 22 collection was the idea of Børge Mogensen, who set out to create the perfect sofa. Structured and supporting, these classic chairs were realised in 1971, just a year before his untimely death, with the Mogensen creating the prototype in 1962.

Leather seats from the Mogensen Collection, Danish designer

Often seen gracing the likes of embassies, minister’s cabinets and high class hotels the world over. Mogensen was one of the most influential designers to come out of Denmark, helping to shape what we understand as Danish design today. For this collection he looked to the 1920s and in particular the work of Kaare Klint. His desire was to create durable and useful furniture which would enrich people’s everyday lives.

The restrained aesthetic we’ve come to associate with Scandinavian design is evident here. Modest, not flashy but confident, making its presence felt in a room.

High back leather chair by Danish designer Børge Mogensen

The high backed chair drew my attention first, so comfortable and so proper, but I also love the low back chairs. There is something more friendly about these, less formal and almost cosy. These elegant pieces are available at Fredericia.

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