LEGO Goes Green

13th March 2018

We all love LEGO, when I was growing up it was the pirate ship I adored, complete with treasure trove and shiny gold coins – not forgetting the parrot of course. Well with the recent backlash around plastic LEGO has been thinking. It was actually five years ago that the company got together with WWF to consider a greener way to make their world famous bricks. Well they seem to have succeeded and have found a way to adapt their formula to use a plant-based plastic sustainably sourced from sugar cane. The first items to be produced? Green trees, bushes and leaves of course.

Lefgo goes green with sustainable bricks

LEGO have already reduced the size of their boxes, and this new move can only further reduce their imprint on the planet. The new bricks should be in packs this year, so now everyone’s favourite toy can help the next generation, as well as inspire them.

Found at the Dieline.

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