High-rise Nature Coming to Camden

17th February 2021

If you have ever visited Camden in London then you’ll know the vibrance and alternative culture that leaps out at you as you wander past the stalls, cafes and shops. It’s a great place but the word ‘nature’ doesn’t immediately spring to mind. However, the team behind New York’s incredibly successful New York High Line, James Corner Field Operations, are bringing a similar raised urban garden to a disused stretch of railway right in the heart of our capital.

This neglected piece of railway line will become a ‘garden in the sky’. Camden Highline is a welcome step towards recovery for a city that has been sorely effected by the pandemic. Attracting people once again to our bustling capital might be a challenge, but with projects like this I think the city has a fighting chance.

The raised garden will run from Camden to King Cross, filled with flower beds, oak and silver birch trees, conversation pits and even trampolines. The working railway passing right by allowing for interesting views no doubt as people jump into the sky! Underneath hanging vines will grow over the edge of the viaduct, hinting to the people below the lush paradise above their heads. I can’t wait to see in place.

Originally found at Dezeen.

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