Hidden Hillside Home

13th September 2022

When we think of Greek holiday villas mostly white washed cubes stacked against the landscape come to mind. nCaved is a different approach, MOLD Architects created this residence so it would sink into the landscape, more akin to the Egyptian pyramids than anything else.

Anything added to Serifos, Cyclades in Greece, might have really jared with the stark, rugged landscape. This building though cuts into the rock rather than jutting out, solving the issue of very strong winds off the Aegean Sea, and allowing the 3,660 sq. ft of space to almost disappear into the hillside.

The interior uses minimal decoration, instead choosing bold and contrasting materials to add to the permanence of the place, cool stone, wood and glass – And those views, well they are something else!

Originally found at The Cool Hunter.

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