Creepy Crawly 1980s Chair Design

16th April 2019

I am trying to work out if I like this chair. I think I do, its ergonomic and comfortable, Norwegian design from the early 1980s. However, there is something of the spider about its form – especially in black, which unnerves me a little. But then good design should provoke a reaction.

Two contrasting interiors with Ekstrem chair

It offers so much for the eye as you wonder round the form. From the front the rhythm of the piece cascades down like a waterfall. Move your vantage point and the chair has a face, or maybe it is all about the space in-between.

Black Ekstrem chair with marble bathroom

The ‘Ekstrem’ Chair by Terje Ekstrom was designed for Hjellegjerde from a prototype he made 12 years earlier. The chair definitely brings the fun and I could see kids loving climbing all over it! A black chair paired with grey marble and lofty ceilings would sit quite comfortably. Or perhaps in electric blue, sitting next to Henri Matisse’s Blue Nude II.

Kids crawling over 80s ergonomic chair

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