Chocolate Packaging

30th June 2016

Oh what a fun project it would be to design a block of choc, that simple rectangular shape is a dream for a designer. Chocolate is one of those things where you can let your imagination run wild. I haven’t yet had the privilege to design such packaging, though in the past I have designed for boxes of fudge, shea body butter and even a chocolate a pasty!

As you will know if you follow my work at Pickle design, I like a peculiar balance of vibrant illustration and minimal concise design. oh the patterns I could draw!

Perhaps a strange topic to pick for a blog post as I am currently watching my weight, but here we go – some of the best chocolate packaging around…

Above we have Loving Earth, chocolate from Australia. I love how the boxes fit together like a series of books. The colour palette is lovely too.

chocolate packaging inspiration

A simple pattern but great use of foils that catch the light and shimmer. This is Stockholm’s Chokladfabriken presenting Dark, milk and white chocolate, named La Nuit, La Penombre and L’aube.

Chocolate packaging inspiration

Wonderfully simple, informative in a real authentic kind of way. Casa Bosques’ Chocolates give no visual hint of what lies beneath, but I so want to find out!

chocolate packaging inspiration

In contrast this chocolate packaging reveals its lively insides proudly. The packaging and product complement each other perfectly, chocolate from Lolli and Pops.

chocolate packaging inspiration

Masa is a Columbian based chocolate company who have the balance of colours just right. The calming blues and fiery oranges are very current and are set off beautifully by the typography.

chocolate packaging inspiration

Just perfect, clean white packaging is the backdrop to botanical illustrations. The bold black logo peers over the top. The brand name “SCHWARZWALD” means black forest in German.

chocolate packaging inspiration

For the more artistic, Unelefante unleash colourful chocolate enclosed in appropriate pattern packages.

Inspired? We are, a little hungry too…

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