Calendar Round-Up

4th December 2018

December is a month of contradictions. It feels both still and slow, frozen in time as winter passes by. At the same time the hourglass seems to empty at speed! As we look at our final month on our current calendar, and put the finishing touches to our new one (yay).

Crab apple and Juniper tree retro illustration

For 2018, which I am sure you are aware, we brought you our Scandinavian-style-with-a-retro-nod illustrated poster featuring our pick of great British trees. For December we highlighted the Juniper, famed for its association with gin.

Funnily enough for 2019 we are sticking with edibles and considering packaging. Being in the business of graphic design, packaging is a bit of a passion. We have always loved visiting the likes of posh supermarket isles to peruse biscuit boxes, foil embossed chocolate bars and elegantly illustrated far-flung teas. For this next year we wanted to look back and see what our favourite brands looked like originally. A lot of the cupboard staples we have today have been on a gentle evolution but others have radically changed to follow the trends.

Vintage packaging illustrated of Hovis, Bird's Custard and Cadbury Dairy Milk

Rather than our more graphic vector illustrations, for this calendar poster Emma picked up her pen and got drawing. Filled with colour and personality, we can’t wait to show you our artwork! Hopefully it will be a welcome gift to our clients, and if anyone else would like one we would happily post it for just the cost of postage. It’s exciting to know that past year’s designs have graced fridges, study walls and kitchen cabinets from Barcelona to the US of A!

Watch this space as all will be revealed soon…

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Pencil Illustration
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