Opera House with Curve Appeal

4th January 2017

MAD Architects really chose their name well. Have you seen the Chinese Harbin Opera House? The forms are so fluid, so brave and so captivating. I just want to smooth the surfaces with my hands, run up and down the steps and test those undoubtably marvellous acoustics.

Curvy wooden interior of Chinese Opera House
Wooden steps and curved white interior in amazing architecture
White ribbed ceiling in this impressive architecture

The building in north China offers over 80,000 square metres of space and made use of all available technology, I mean just look at those curves! If I was an opera singer I think I would be worried that the building might steel the show. I can’t comprehend how the undulating wood was achieved but hats off, this really is a building suited to house cultural celebrations.

Opera house with amazing interior of organic looking wood
Light filled opera house foyer
Amazing wooden interior like a boat
Exterior photograph of Harbin Opera house at dusk

Originally found at Yellow Trace.

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