An Art Nouveau Gem Rediscovered

18th December 2018

The latest of restaurateur Ricardo Giraudi is quite simply a masterpiece. His 8th Beefbar is a feast for the senses. Just off the iconic Champs-Elysées in Paris there was this all-but-forgotten Art Nouveau masterpiece, bricked off to hide it from the Nazis. Can you imagine uncovering an interior like this by chance!

Beautiful restaurant in Paris with restored Art Deco details

Originally designed in 1898 by architect Emil Hurtré and adorned by Jules Wielhordki for the Lamham Hotel. Uncovered in 1983, the structured was listed but not restored until Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet and of course Giraudi got their hands on it.

Lush interior of art nouveau restaurant in Paris

The main work was in restoration, and then layers of new craftsmanship were added. A banquet for the eyes, I think I would be too distracted to eat, the room alone has ample to keep me satisfied!

Art deco architecture in Paris

Originally found at the D Pages.

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