We have been working for Surf and Marine brand Wavehunters for years, almost since we set up 10 years ago. This Cornish company are growing all the time. They started life as a surf school on Polzeath beach but now have shops in Padstow and Port Isaac, offer seas safaris in their huge speed boat and can cater for all sort of individuals and groups with surf and paddle boarding lessons.

Here are some of the varied projects we have completed for the Wavehunters brand.

The above picture shows the signage we designed for their Polzeath beach presence.

A Board design for Wavehunters Surf School

Also for the beach we have designed A-boards and flags to tie in with their partnering brands.

Beach flag design for St Moritz Hotel

A board design for St Moritz Hotel

Wall graphics design for Wavehunters Surf School

We branded a wall in the St. Moritz hotel with sign writing on the walls, crates displaying brochures, and shallow shelves holding up photographs of what Wavehunters do.

Padstow shop signage

With the opening of the new Padstow shop we designed black wrap around signs to incase the shop and sign printed black boards to advertise boat trips and sea life spottings.

Wavehunters light box design

Wavehunters light box

Inside we helped with the initial ideas of how the shop should look and also designed a light box promoting the two key things at the Padstow shop – coffee and boat trips.

Wavehunters Brochure with a wrap for John Bray

Print-wise we handle the branding with leaflets, brochures, voucher books and stationery.

Wavehunters 2016 brochure with hand drawn map

DL leaflet flyers designed for Wavehunters Marine

Concertina fold Wavehunters Surf School leaflet design

A spread from the Wavehunters Surf School brochure design

Covers of the Wavehunters Surf School DL flyers

Centre spread of the Wavehunters Surf School leaflet

From tourist leaflets for the stands to our uncoated square brochure that is branded for different venues like the St Moritz hotel or John Bray holiday cottages.

Wavehunters gift voucher book

This is the voucher book we created for both boat trips and surf lessons. Perforated and eye-catching, the DL vouchers capture the fun of the sea.

Black and white complement slip for Surf School Wavehunters

When creating the complement slip we sent for simplicity. The waves can be found on the Surf School logo and we also used them on the beach trailer. Keeping the complement slip monochrome lets the design remain simple. The locations are listed along with all the services Wavehunters provide.

Kids activity and colouring sheet for Wavehunters

This was a fun challenge, Wavehunters asked us to design an activity sheet that children could do while waiting for a boat trip. We illustrated some things that the kids might be able to spot and created a word search. There is even an area for the children to colour in (or impatient adults). Theses sheets are A4 and came in pads so could be torn off when needed.

Wavehunters Loyalty Card

Here is the loyalty card we designed for Padstow cafe. Simple but bold, we used a sparkling picture of the Cornish sea and illustrated coffee cups to be stamped out. The front is to the point – the Wavehunters loyalty card.

Wavehunters voucher design

Sometimes the jobs we have for Wavehunters are simple and quick, this is a voucher card we designed for them to encourage people who had a surf lesson or boat trip to buy branded clothes. We used eye-catching typography and illustrated a hoodie so at first glance it is clear what these cards are for. The back has white fields where the staff can fill in the details.

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