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The Happy Art Company create artistic parties for children and run activities for schools. We were approached right at the beginning of the company starting up.

We wanted the logo to be fun, have a bit of movement and feel like it could happily live in the pages of a children’s book. We used orange and blue and added a paint brush to further illustrate the concept.

Website design for The Happy Art Company

Once the logo was settled we turned our attention to a website. We illustrated little flourishes like brushes and balloons, filled the page with splats and brush strokes to add to the fun feel and to complement our clients illustrations of children.

The background is filled with triangles and the navigation is housed in a wiggly banner.

Leaflet design for The Happy Art Company

Next to promote the website we designed two A5 flyers highlighting The Happy Art Companies key services – children’s parties and art for schools.

A5 flyer design for The Happy Art Company

The triangular background ties the flyers in with the website nicely.

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