North Coast Wetsuits are a growing local brand, experts in their chosen field. We created this A4 folded to DL leaflet for these wetsuits designers here on the North Coast of Cornwall.

Leaflet design for North Coast Wetsuits

We worked with their existing brand adding in a blue texture and fresh orange to contrast. We also drew a map to help people find them.

Back cover of the North Coast Wetsuits leaflet

The leaflet is printed on a durable 200gsm stock with a silk coating to protect it.

North Coast Wetsuits QR Code tag

We designed a tag so that when one of their customers buy a wetsuit they can scan the QR code or type in the shortened url and fill out the relevant information to get a longer warranty. We used elements of the logo and the brand colours of orange and black on either side to tie it all in.

North Coast Wetsuits signs

Most recently we were asked to design simple signs to go outside our client’s business, and this is what we came up with. We took the wave out of the logo and added it to the frame, used the curve of the logo to help it stand out and kept it all very recognisable with the black and orange colours.The artwork for the North Coast Wetsuits sign

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