Once known as The Ceramic and Silver Studio, we have worked with Fraddon Pottery for years. The studio produce homewares and works of art right in the heart of the Cornish countryside.

This simple business card showcases the ceramics and being white allows room for notes to be made if necessary.

Fraddon Pottery bookmark

Fraddon Pottery bookmark

Fraddon Pottery Bookmark and Leaflet

Fraddon Pottery DL flyers

We were asked to design some DL flyers for the studio as well as bookmarks. We designed the leaflets so that one side showcased the silver work whereas the other featured the ceramics. The bookmarks mirrored this design.

Fraddon Pottery stamp

We also worked with the client to make a marque and to turn that into a stamp. We use them with our logo and they are so versatile – once you have a stamp, nothing is safe!


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