Camelford Town Council asked us to help them with a new ad campaign to help promote Camelford and the businesses within. We started with this poster and print and web advertising. We used illustration and typography to design eye-catching artwork inspired by the ancient town.

The clock tower in Camelford is quite distinctive we se used this in our design. Camelford takes its name from the River Camel that flows through the town so we included the river in our designs as well as green hills hinting at the famous Bodmin moor that begins near the town.

Cornwall Life web adverts

We created banners for the Cornwall Life website promoting the town in the same style.

Illustrated town map with wildlife photos for Camelford

Next we create a map of the town to help people find landmarks and businesses. The map was used in two variations. One had a border of adverts from local businesses and the other featured photographs of the local wildlife you can spot around the town.

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