Here is the logo we designed for local company Wadebridge Bathroom Studio. We used a rich dark blue and an abbreviation of the company name WBS. The three rising circles representing bubbles are picked out with white lines creating a visual link to the bathroom.

Wadebridge Bathroom Studio business card

We designed our clients a simple business card that highlighted the three bubbles in a silver foil.

Wadebridge Bathroom Studio leaflet

Wadebridge Bathroom Studio leaflet

To help promote the studio we also created these DL leaflets. Simple bold design with a handy map to explain their location. We used minimal photograph to give a feeling of space and tranquility.

Wadebridge Bathroom Studio Stationery

We then took the logo and applied it to a complement slip and letterhead. The bubbles are separated from the logo and the rich blue keeps the visual consistency.

Wadebridge Bathroom Studio Poster

The studio needed a poster to promote savings, so we put together a format that could work whatever the product. The bubbles come in to play by holding the photographs.

Van graphics design for Wadebridge Bathroom Studio

Vehicle graphics design for Wadebridge Bathroom Studio

Next we designed vehicle graphics for their silver vans. Keeping to the panels we combined fresh photography with their logo to advertise what the studio offer.

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