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This is the new website we created for our long-term clients Steppes Farm Holiday Cottages. Our clients did still like their original website but it needed updating so we designed a new one in responsive code. We carried across the little geese illustrations as you can often see them wondering around the farm. We also added in a little drawing in the banner of their turret as this is quite a defining feature of the farm. With so many lovely photographs we made sure they could all be seen with plenty of image slideshows and a gallery which our clients can update.

Steppes farm holiday cottages webs design

The colour scheme is peaceful and serene allowing the images to bring the colour and the life. We used a dappled texture for the website’s background and shades of grey, cornflower blue and a deep purple.

Steppes Farm Holiday Cottages webs design, gallery page

The website features availability checkers, guided tours and a contact form as well as the gallery. The new website will adapt to fit whatever size screen it is viewed on and still has the feel our clients loved from before, just more up to date.

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