Carpenter Nick Paul Williams came to us to design him a brand. He wanted to communicate his ethos, the craftsmanship of his work and the bespoke nature of his business.

He had been using an oak leaf as a logo so we incorporated this into the design. An oak tree is a great symbol of solidness, quality and longevity.

Logo design for NPW Bespoke Carpentry

We also carried on a three dot theme (ellipsis), the idea that so much can come from a bespoke project, it really is open to many possibilities. We also liked the idea of the oak leaf, trunk and wood curl and illustrated these as elements for the brand.

Business card design with spot UV varnish for NPW Bespoke carpentry

Blue and yellow were Nick’s colours so we carried this on to his business card design. The oak leaf stands out on the front because it is left matt while the yellow is shiny, coated in a uv varnish.

The back clearly displays Nick’s service and picks up the circle motif.

Letterhead design for NPW Bespoke carpentry

Next we designed a letterhead. Again Nick’s services are laid out clearly at the bottom so communication is as professional as he is.

Footer details on the letterhead design for NPW Bespoke carpentry

Header details on the letterhead design for NPW Bespoke carpentry

The company logo is placed prominently at the head of the design with stripes of the yellow and blue top the letterhead.

Sign for NPW Bespoke carpenter

We have also designed this sign that Nick can put up outside a job he is working on. Basically an extension of his business card, we wanted his contact details clear and the bullet points of what he does. The sign is removable so it can travel with him.

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